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The overall mission of the WCRP Working Group on Coupled Modeling (WGCM) is to foster the development and review of coupled climate models, including organisation of model intercomparisons projects aiming at understanding natural climate variability on decadal to centennial time scales and its predictability, and at predicting the response of the climate system to changes in natural and anthropogenic forcing, in close cooperation with WCRP core projects, the JSC/CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation and sister programmes such as IGBP.

WGCM and AIMES have particularly collaborated in advancing coupling of the carbon cycle and climate dynamics into global climate models. The Coupled Carbon Cycle Climate Model Intercomparison Project (C4MIP) enabled a completely new step in understanding of carbon feedbacks from global warming and advanced global climate models into Earth-system models.


Integrated Modelling of Human and Environmental Systems