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Worldwide, Global Change Research is undergoing a structural transition, from an ensemble of four Global Environmental Change Programs (WCRP, IGBP, Diversitas and IHDP) to an integrated structure, ‘Future Earth’, that explicitly focuses on the trans-disciplinary integration of available knowledge and methodologies organized in three different themes. Two of these are directly addressed by AIMES:

Theme 1: Dynamic Planet

This theme deals with observing, explaining, understanding, projecting earth, environmental and societal system trends, drivers and processes and their interactions; anticipating global thresholds and risks. Specifically:

Theme 2: Global Development

This theme aims to provide the knowledge for sustainable, secure and fair stewardship of food, water, biodiversity, health, energy, materials and other ecosystem functions and services:

The current and future projects of AIMES will contribute to four broad research themes as identified by the color coding in Figure 1. Each theme has a balance of relatively low risk elements built on ongoing successful AIMES activities, as well as new high-risk/high-gain synthesis activities that will utilize the infrastructure of our new virtual institute. The themes are summarized below.

AIMES is preparing to formally be endorsed as a Future Earth project


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