Science-Policy Interface

AIMES role to inform decision-making processes in a socially and environmentally changing planet

Today, society faces various pressing challenges including climate change, financial crises, food security, governance of pandemics, and energy sufficiency. These issues are symptomatic of 1) the increasingly global and highly interconnected nature of challenges facing humanity and 2) the pervasiveness of Information and Communication Technologies – ICT – in all human and societal endeavors.  This interconnectedness makes these challenges increasingly shared worldwide across different nations and cultures but provides a new universe of tools for research and engagement. The high level of connectedness of global challenges is putting demands on decision makers to understand systemic risks for which the available tools – both from science and from policy – provide insufficient guidance.

AIMES, employing the Global Earth Systems Science (GESS) approach, will attempt to seize these opportunities to support more integrative and problem-oriented science, and better links of science with stakeholders in society to stimulate appropriate policy and societal responses. Tackling global challenges requires an understanding of the behavior of connected systems that cannot succeed with specialized disciplines developing insights that may later be disseminated to practitioners. We need a continuous exchange with decision-makers and society at large.

Integrated Modelling of Human and Environmental Systems