Grand Theme 1 – Earth System Observations

AIMES will continue the dialogue on next-generation observing strategies and to coordinate with other organizations that might implement such a strategy (including Future Earth organizations, GEOSS and others) and to contribute leadership from AIMES unique vantage point to these activities.  AIMES goal is not to build or manage observing systems, but to elicit and communicate the emerging, interdisciplinary and novel observing requirements of Global Earth System Science.  We envision this will be a 2 year activity, leading to a handoff of initial requirements to Future Earth, GEOSS and other interested organizations for implementation.  AIMES role in this area will be both to 1) communicate emerging observing requirements for GESS analyses and models to the observing communities, and 2) integrating GESS observations into new analyses and models.


Overall aim: Laying the groundwork for an integrated Global System Observation effort


  • Year 1: Working group looking at ways to improve integration of environmental and social components of the global system.
  • Year 2: Collective paper identifying these gaps and challenges in some detail and proposing the required activities to remedy them, as input to Future Earth and other stakeholders.

(Lead: David Schimel)

Integrated Modelling of Human and Environmental Systems